• How does this work? Online Fire Training?

    It's very simple! Instead of attending a class in person, you learn at your pace, in the comfort of your home or office. Just select a course, checkout, and you can start learning right away. No waiting, no travel. Upon successful completion, a course completion certificate is issued with the appropriate amount of CEU contact hours listed. Certification Courses require an additional exam at a testing center (CFI-I, CFI-II, CFPE, and CFPS). Please verify your agency's requirements for CEUs prior to enrollment.

  • I am a CMS or Health Care Worker. I Need my NFPA® CFI. Is this it?

    YES. Per newer CMS rules, candidates for the CMS Surveyor training program may first be required to obtain the Certified Fire Inspector I certification. Our CFI-I program prepares you for successful exam completion. We have specially designed this program with you in mind, over 50% of our candidates are either from CMS or work at a CMS inspected facility. Our instructors can provide targeted help to you, to help you level up to CMS Surveyor. Let us help you succeed!

  • How do I receive a NFPA® Certified Fire Inspector or Plans Examiner Certificate?

    It couldn't be easier! The classes are taught by veteran SME instructors. The curriculum is designed by subject matter experts, some of the same that designed the original material. All instructors have obtained the certificates that they are teaching, and all courses include numerous practice exams and skill challenges. Upon successful completion we will help you setup your end test at a international computer-based testing center. We will also give you specific guidance in finishing your practicum. We are dedicated to the mission, to help YOU obtain your certification!

  • What is your passing rate for those end-testing in an NFPA® Certification Program?

    We have seen an average of 91% of enrollees pass their final exam. The educational journey is all about what you as the student put into it- and these specific courses are tailored to help you improve on the areas in which you may struggle. The quizzes identify what needs you have, to help you prepare for your exam. And timed practice exams are included in the course, which will prepare you for taking the exam. Of course, there are variables, but our mission is to help YOU obtain your certification.

  • How do I complete my Practicum?

    Within the enrolled course, we will provide course-specific instructions and guidance on completion. We have helped hundreds of people, just like you, obtain your certification.

  • Do I need to be a firefighter to take these classes?

    NO. We have successfully helped thousands of people obtain the skills they need to be successful. If you are in the fire service, many terms will be familiar to you. If you are not, don't worry, we explain everything! We have helped people from all fields obtain their certifications. Some of our clients include Fire Marshals, Lawyers, Real Estate Developers, Loss Prevention, Fire Protection Specialists and Engineers, Architects, Designers, CMS and Health Care Workers, Property Managers, Petro-Chemical staff, and more.


Most Beneficial

State Fire Marshal Reed

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the excellent job you did instructing the CFI-1 class recently. The subject matter of fire inspection can be very difficult to navigate with numerous reference tables and graphs involved. But, even though I am relatively new to this field, your instruction method, and dedication, to keeping the class focus helped us to move through the subject. I heard many positive comments from other students concern you keeping it interesting. Your ability to weave together real world experience with the text of the class made the learning environment that much more meaningful. Leadership is a difficult trait to describe it even harder to exhibit, but throughout the class you were a successful leader and teacher. Thank you for your dedication.


Deputy Scott D.

I just wanted to than you again for the awesome CFI-1 class. I returned home from vacation on Tuesday and took my CFI-1 computer test today, took me 3 hr and 57 minutes, but I passed!! Thank you for making it easier.

CMS Thanks You!

CMS Surveyor Mike G.

First off- That test was, absolutely, no joke! My mind was fried for the rest of the day, for sure! Thanks to you, I’m pretty confident that I did well. You have a gift to teach, my friend! That’s not something everyone has. I know you miss the fire service, but you are doing the industry a great service by educating! Thank you!

Very good class

Inspector Raymond J.

I wanted to reach out and thank you for an excellent class. No matter how the test results come out, I gained a ton of information and skills necessary for performing in my new role. Thanks so much, it was time very well spent. I enjoyed it. PS- I PASSED!

The Best!

Sgt. Davis DoD

Thanks for making the class bearable lol! You are a great teacher and you keep it fun! Hope to see ya again someday. Oh BTW I finished the test in record time lol. You should have seen the Proctors face! Thanks again.

Some of our Clients

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