Certified Fire Inspector I (CFI-I)

Based upon the requirements of NFPA® 1031

This class is designed to help you pass the challenging CFI-I test, as well as prepare you for your career as a Fire Inspector. We will take you from the basics, and then build upon your knowledge base. Created and taught by seasoned experts, the real-world experience the instructors bring to you in this material will help you succeed.

Included in the curriculum are several practice quizzes, including a final timed 100 question test, that prepare you for your final exam.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded for successfully completing this course, regardless of completing the third party certification mentioned below.

A few important notes:

In order to receive your NFPA® Certified Fire Inspector certificate, as well as qualify for your Fire Inspector 1 ProBoard® Certificate, you must successfully pass the final exam at a Computer Based Testing Facility (a list of exam center locations can be found at isoqualitytesting.com). You must also complete the NFPA® Practicum as outlined in the NFPA® Student Handbook. Failure to do these two items will result in you not being able to obtain NFPA® Certification. The exam and practicum requirements are set forth by NFPA® and must be scheduled 4 weeks prior to taking the exam. Visit nfpa.org/certification for more information. Please be advised NFPA charges an additional fee for the exam.

We highly recommend purchasing the Following Code books. These are available as a package at a highly discounted rate or $200 when you sign up for the exam with NFPA®.

2018 NFPA 1

2016 NFPA 13

2017 NFPA 25

2016 NFPA 72

2018 NFPA 101

If you do not wish to complete the third party exam, you will still receive a Certificate of Completion from us here at Virtual Fire Academy, which counts for 40 hours of Continuing Education (CEU). Please verify with your agency prior to enrollment.

Don't worry, we have helped hundreds of folks JUST LIKE YOU successfully obtain their NFPA® and ProBoard Certification, at their location, at a fraction of on-site training costs. If you have any questions, please read our FAQ, or drop us a line! We really are here for YOU.

Complete Online Course

For our most popular, learn at your own pace, 100% online course.

Steps to Successfully Obtaining Your CFI-I Certification

  • Step 1: Complete the NFPA® CFI-I Application

    NFPA® requires a 5 week lead time for scheduling your final exam. Complete your Program Application and pay the testing fee. It is recommended to also purchase the Code Set at this time (it's on the application). Our course takes on average 40 hours to complete, so time your final exam as close to completion of the course as possible, for your success!

  • Step 2: Complete this Course

    Take your time doing the coursework. We will show you how to effectively use your Code Set for testing and job performance. We will drill on our famous "Test Taking Techniques" that on average help 86% of our students pass the first time! Keeping in mind your exam date, we recommend revisiting our practice exams as many times as you need right before you take the Computer Based Exam at your selected location (isoqualitytesting.com). Almost there!

  • Step 3: Practicum

    After you have passed your final exam, you must complete the practicum phase. Each certification course is a bit different, but don't worry, we provide detailed instructions and suggestions. Typically it will involve performing an inspection or plan review and sending in verification forms to NFPA®. After review, they will mail you your certificate!